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Rapit - RPI-robot

Rapit is a sun-powered self-driving lawnmower build around a Raspberry Pi:
lab setup

I have always been intrigued by the possibility of AI, and as a lover of science and science-fiction, I have been introduced to a lot of interesting and sometimes provocative ideas about what AI is, but it was first when I actually started working with AI, that I started to really understand what intelligence is.

I did some basic AI for games I developed, and when I build my first robot, I wanted to make a relatively simple robot that was able to cut the grass on its own, in other words, a self-driving lawnmower. But being the geek that I am (a badge I wear with pride), it soon had a speech-synthesis, object-detection, extend-able solar-panels and a lot of other cool stuff. It still can't cut the grass thou :-)

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