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Welcome to sandgreen.dk

This little corner of the web is owned and maintained by Sandie Heldorf.
It's a playground for my obsession with computers, programming and music.

Here you'll find code-snippets, blend-files, a few of my recordings and other things I find interesting, but mostly just pictures of our cat Mikkel.

As you might have noticed, I have made some drastic changes in the layout It's a work in progress, as the many typos and babling text might indicate.
The dark theme is not because I decided to go fullblown emo in my old age, black text on a white background can be hard on the eyes, specialy when you spend as many hours in front of a screen as I do.

I redesign this site quite often, so if you want to bookmark this site, please do so from the startpage (Home), links to other pages might be changed in a redesign.

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